About us

Family recipe

Since 1998 up today, the love and passion for our work as kiwis growers, together with the precious culinary traditions of our family, led us to imagine novel and totally innovative tastes and recipes.

Shortly the Agro del Kiwi is born, a line of vinegars,
gazes and jams exclusively based on Hawyard kiwi.

The vinegar cellar

As in the best traditions, our Kiwi’s Vinegars go through different aging process in glass cellars or in oakwood cellars, from two up to five years aging.

Who we are

From a family recipe our Kiwi Vinegar is born...
Our agricultural enterprise was born in 1998 from the will of our parents: an extension of 5 hectares entirely cultivated with KIWI HAYWARD.
After 16 years of hard work, Roberto and Filomena can file a patent application for the production of food derived of kiwi: vinegar, glazes and vinegar preserves.
Today their dream is reality and it’s our pride.
Federica Ferrari
Management & Sales
Enrico Ferrari
Quality Assurance

Kiwi Hayward

The Hayward Kiwi has an exceptional taste, refreshing and purifying. Thanks to the high substance of vitamin C it increases the body's natural defenses and protects the vascular walls. Now imagine to transform this fruit and use it to exalt recipes and menus: our work starts from this dream.